The Boy Looked at Johnny

Burroughs was simply one of the most influential writers of the last century.  For his writing but more than that.  From Patti Smith to radiohead, WSB was the mentor.  He opened the dream pathways.  He held the keys to the next dimension.  More than science, more than biology.  Take any book of his.  Open and read.  Narratives repeat, revise, reinvent themselves from Naked Lunch to the Wild Boys to Exterminator to Cities of the Red Night. 
Had the honor of meeting the man  himself at a reading.  I sat backstage with him and John Giorno as they passed a joint, talked about television and ate a pizza.  Like some kind of elder insect, he presided over the conversation with an occasional aside, a cryptic comment sounding in person like he sounded on a recording, every imagined reading.  He was conversational, not imposing, but it's impossible to be yourself with a legend.  Or two, as Giorno was there as well.  His schtick a repetition of rhythm and language building, breaking down, building again.  The verbal equivalent to a Steve Reich piece of music. 
Horses, Horses, Horses.  Coming in IN all directions.  Horses, Horses, Horses. 
Do you know how to pony?

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